Father, Advisor and Trader

Trying to help by sharing my knowledge to retail investors using my ticker-level volume-based technical + AI + general market analysis. I have PhD abs. summa cum laude in Economics and worked out my own method to find out the direction of institutional money. Volume analysis needs indexes having massive underlying money flow. I use several methods, and demonstrate my results on Marketvolume charts showing their indicators. I have no financial interest to promote Marketvolume or Stockharts . My email is saladenator at gmail dot com

I'm not a native English, so you will find some mistakes while you are reading my thoughts. I speak 5 languages on different levels.

I trade and write my letters next to my everyday job. I work and travel across Europe as an internationally recognized professional specialized to give advices for giant companies regarding to their processes and resource planning.

I started my trading in aug, 2008 I lost 70% of my investment. I had nightmarish experience seeing my money almost lost. However, that loss gave me power to work 6-8 hours in addition to my daily job. After a year things started to be clean. I learned classic TA, all commonly-used techniques, and principals like EW. While I understood those system I still was not sure where is the secret and how to make stockarket to a money-making factory.

Then my interest turned towards hidden moves of institutional money and found a site, That site made proprietary indicators based on qualifying and accumulating ticker level volumes to higher timeframes. I found that method very interesting and started to study. Long months spent with their system. Finally I found a proprietary way to find parameters for my traded instruments. Each timeframe and traded instrument needs its own, unique setup. Gradually I worked on those parameters, and finally things started to work...

I made all my losses back in 3 years. That's more than 300% of net profit. I've opened a public blog Smartvolume to serve large public and give something back in turn of my fortune. In order to proof the concept of volume based trading I recorded trades for more than a year and here is the result:

First trade 29-Jun-2010 Last Trade: 22-Sep-2011

Comp Ret.: 319.46% since 29-06-2010

Number of trades performed: 52.

After 2 years of free service I decided to close my blog and work and trade for my own. I received lots of emails not to stop my services and my readers gave strong signals about their willingness to pay me in turn of my posts.

Last Updated July 12, 2012