1-NOV-2012 Before the bell
2012/11/01 05:19 am NYT


Dollar had a SOS day with weak volume, nothing more.All other indicators signal a bull.It means sideways move for a few days or a quick move up after a few days of moving down. My proprietary, short-term indicator system has an important bear cross for dollar, but as long as volumes don't give a clear confirmation I will not add more to our PM stakes.


Copper-our pre-indicator for market made a .96% decline as it was predicted. It's MVO bearish surge is exhausting, so 1-2 more days down before a trend-change is expected.

We have a BOW candle with negative HA on RUA with decisive volume. Selling volume is still rising, so some further decline still has high probability, but that nasty buying volume on sbv signals that institutions - or Ben himself performs a constant buy for 2x5 trading days. That buying volume insertion blocks prices to have serious decline. Bear will get a slap from Ben again. As long histo makes a bull cross, we will buy more.


Junior miners gave bullish indication: both short and long SBV buying volume rose from steady zero, both long and short histos delivered a bull-cross. We also have a 2 candle BOW on 2D GDXJ chart.

Miners signal exhaustion for theis, recent bear: we have a BOW day with a positive HA, both short and long histos are to make a bull cross, also SBV flow started to signal weakening bear. Please also observe our strange, irregular trendline, how the brain of miner traders work.

Gold started to give weakening bearish signals.


CRB 2D started to show an exhaustion period of a double-run bear. Both long and short SBV selling volumes are elevated, so we can expect some further decline, but the main direction now is bullish.

USO 2D long histo almost produced a bull cross. Long SBV selling volume started to decline. These are pre-bullish signals. What blocks me against adding more oil is the rising bear on SBV flow. A auick kick of stops below recent lows is in the cards.


Bonds started to break out of their recent triangle. As SBV flow is still bearish, this bullish breakout will be most probably finish with a bearish continuation when stocks start to rise.

Trading update: Hold existing stakes.

Office memo: November password has been released.

Please find password for November :

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